The Good, the Bad and the Un-ordinary.

by Ambareesh Sr Ja


“Tell me a story”, she said lazily, sunrays moving like darts through her lazy bunch of silk hair.

“There aren’t any … more. I told them all!”, I got up chasing all the red ants up the trunk.

“Go find your own tree then. My tree- he needs stories”, she snuggled into the trunk, fitting her petite self perfectly.

“I don’t see why! He’s an ordinary tree”, I said smirking.

“See, that’s why. Tales told under this shade, that’s what makes him… un-ordinary?”

I threw a twig at her confused face. “That’s not even a word! You’re so stupid!”

“Go away. I’ll write him one on my own.”

I may too, I told myself.



-Sr Ja [15/10/2016]