Inspiration- A myth?

by Ambareesh Sr Ja

Ahoy reader, I’ll bet you a hundred dimes that you are going to hate me at the end of this small snippet of words. For me today, unlike the normal I of all days am turning hipster-at least a wannabe hippie. Minus the glasses and the attire-damn it, before you realize that I have no idea what the stereotypes are, kindly scroll on.

So yes – enough beating around the proverbial bush. Here’s my statement – Inspiration isn’t real. Yes, go ahead – bite my head off, accuse my feet of getting too big for my boots, abuse my lineage, point out grammatical flaws and style-or its lack thereof. But do let me arrange my arguments and rephrase them, to satisfy the Grammar Nazi in you.

1)      Law of conservation of Inspiration –

a)      Recall those times when you had so much to do, with the clock running against you- remember the feeling? Walls closing in? Monsters under the bed? Deadlines hanging above your head, guillotines in the making? Yes – those instances, when motivation was the last emotion you felt. Tried charging yourself up? Haan- Ob yes. Only to toil like a bull for sometime before life ran out of you.

Inference- Inspiration, cannot be created –when you need it the most.

b)      Now I request you to turn your attention towards those moments when you’d the entire world’s time to do something very important and urgent. But, here was the catch- you did not feel like doing it. Oh no, never- the wind seemed so soothing, the grass so green, the girl across the room remarkably beautiful. Take away this one thing-which you were supposed to do at this moment- you’d do anything else, anything. Singing, writing, dancing, acting – name it. Commonly experienced by students, during exam time and before assignment submissions dates.

Inference- Inspiration, cannot be destroyed- when you don’t need it at all.

2)      F=ma

F= Force of Inspiration   m= Minutes you have before Inspiration runs out

a = Access to resources you need

                Now this one here is a beauty. I’ll elucidate. Imagine yourself wading past the cloud of negativity that life throws at you, at any instant. You somehow feel encouraged; on top of your form, ready to pull off your A game- in short what you might have called your “Inspired self”. The momentum that you have as of now, gives you the feeling of invincibility. You are Bruce Wayne, however…..minus the billion dollars and the bat mobile. One just can’t seem to find the right things at the right time, it seems. Wants to write a world changing piece of literature- can’t find a topic. Picks up a cool sport to play- bloody knees wouldn’t hold up, or the racquet is too expensive. Decides to complete an assignment on time- can’t find those papers. By the time you have amassed all these essentials, the ‘m’ tends to zero. Tired, and off to bed. Zzzzz

3)      Archimedes’ Principle of Panic – The buoyant force exerted on a body immersed in incomplete work ; is equal to the physical and/or psychological pressure exerted on him/her by the society

                This principle, very unlike the Greek’s original, helps in eliminating the wrong assumptions on inspiration. The so called “Inspired- work- that- I- did- seconds-before –the- deadline- strangled- me” -isn’t exactly inspired. This is us, Homo sapiens, working under Panic mode. Yes, hit by adrenaline, spurred on by fear of rejection, fear and potential embarrassment. Results may/may not be satisfactory; but the essence of the task is lost and henceforth the purpose of it, is too.

So isn’t Inspiration a fragment of our imagination? The unreal elixir of life? A false hope that beckons hapless beings towards it?-a mirage?



Before anyone rights me off as a cynic or an underprivileged pessimist; let me make a confession. I have been bugged by my own fruitless efforts to get inspired. The so called – “being in the zone of unparalleled perfection”. I have wasted numerous hours waiting for Einstein-ic thoughts to dawn up on me, lift me up into Newton-ic levels of excellence, and bring to me glory and fame. Yes I admit it. Nothing happened. Nothing.

But like every wise man, (Now I am about to gloat, brace yourself), I’ve learnt a small truth.

It wouldn’t come to me unless I go looking for it.

It is valid for everything out there mate, everything. Every single statement I hear, or make myself -“It doesn’t get into my head – so I hate math”- no, I realized- it is because I chose to hate numbers, that I despise it. “I can’t rhyme, I don’t have quality”- No buddy, it’s because you haven’t tried writing before. “I’m not sporty, or fast. I don’t have the right genes, I just don’t”. Of course I might not – but that doesn’t give me any right to stop trying. Does it?

 I belong to a soft generation- “We’re the middle children of history, man. No purpose or place. We have no Great War. No Great Depression. Our Great War’s a spiritual war… our Great Depression is our lives. We’ve all been raised on television to believe that one day we’d all be millionaires, and movie gods, and rock stars. But we won’t. And we’re slowly learning that fact. And we’re very, very pissed off.”(BP)

But I shouldn’t be, damn it. Because if every man is to himself, and if God created us all equal, then we all have equal chances. A bad phase, a grey patch- that is his way of telling me that I’m not doing it right. If I hate what I do- it isn’t because there is something wrong with me- it is because I’ve grown enough to realize the fact that I deserve more, can do more, and fucking get more.

I’ve got my answer. Inspiration isn’t a myth. It is a belief. Although blind faith can get me to heights- to stay there, I need to do my part. And till then I’ll be what I am, not a step ahead. So I’ll start walking now. Cheers to a better tomorrow, to a better me. *Clink.  🙂 Image